Some of our recent projects




Telecare Services Association - As part of a high-calibre TSA team to help evaluate, feasibility study and design an innovative, effective, integrated service for a major TSA client.


Bulgarian Association of Social Service Providers - Introduction of Telecare into Bulgaria including service design, set-up and training funded through a joint EU project. Click here for more information


South Gloucestershire Council - "Using Telecare to improve outcomes in South Gloucestershire care homes" evaluated by the University of the West of England.


Major national care home organisation - Telecare consultancy to evaluate the benefits of Telecare, design their service offering and integrate Telecare into service delivery.


London Borough of Barnet - Through interim service management to Telecare service redesign introducing management systems and procedures to increase efficiences and maximise savings while improving end user services.


Trillium Developments - In partnership to design and support development of Trillium's new Telecare Service Management (TSM/Estia) software package including integration with their market leading Telecare Office Manager (TOM) package, currently deployed in over 60 UK services.