What telecare do you need?

Diagram of telecare options - by Isabel Hunter



The answer is not always quick and simple, and it isn't practical to cover it all here. Its almost certainly worth talking to someone who knows before jumping in and buying.


There are many different telecare services and devices to choose from and there may be ways telecare can help which are not common knowledge. Sometimes the simplest things can really help.


While telecare can help at all stages, it is particularly beneficial to address Dementia related issues early so that the person can learn to use new devices before their condition becomes too advanced.


The best way to find out what you need is to have a telecare assessment. Feel free to call us to discuss your situation before making a decision. We will be able to advise whether an assessment is worthwhile. We offer two types of assessment, either by telephone or a full assessment in the home with family and carers present. We will recommend an assessment where family carers are struggling to cope, or care needs can be seen to be developing. If you have an assessment you are not tied or obliged to us in any way. We will however discount the cost if you buy one of our telecare packages.


The telecare solution for you will depend on the issues you are dealing with, the home environment and the lifestyle of the people involved. Telecare needs to work for the person too; it's no good having a falls detector if they won't wear it or a brand new safety cooker if they can't use it. There is a great deal telecare can do to help people but getting it right in all but the simplest cases can take a bit of experience.


Because telecare isn't simple we've developed a range of telecare packages and we'll happily guide you through choosing the right solution.  The packages are aimed at people with different levels of care needs, with separate packages for care homes and property owners. We've made the packages tailorable so you can add services to suit your individual needs, and we've made them flexible so they can adapt as your needs change over time.


Our Bronze package starts with a basic pendant, wrist or broach alarm and allows you to add a range of popular devices to cover a basic level of relatively low care needs. The alarm is monitored 24/7 365 days of the year by our approved specialist telecare monitoring centre.


Our Silver package begins with a telephone assessment and provides a domestic alarm system which can detect fire, smoke and carbon monoxide. It includes a wrist, broach or pendant alarm, a bogus caller alarm for the front door, a pull cord alarm (or similar) for the bathroom, all monitored 24/7/365. There is also a simple device to stop baths overflowing and a light for hall or bedroom which comes on automatically when someone goes past at night , which can help to reduce falls. You can add a range of other telecare services to cover a broader range of care needs.


Our Gold package addresses higher levels of need and can help avoid or delay the move into residential care. It begins with an assessment and provides a bespoke telecare service tailored to individual needs. It provides similar equipment to the Silver package with enhanced 24/7/365 monitoring. It features a more sophisticated base station which allows carers and family to log in to a secure online service to see how things are check things are ok. This can be particularly suitable when someone comes out of hospital or carers are away, for example working or on holiday.