What does telecare cost?

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We often find that simple, low cost devices (from £8) can make a significant difference.


An alarm system with full 24/7 monitoring and support can cost as little as £3.70 a week. Additional devices like falls detectors can be added from around £2.00 a week.


For more complex solutions the price is determined by the conditions you need to manage and the services you need to support them. The more involved telecare packages inevitably cost more although when set against the £400 a week minimum for residential care and the benefits of living at home, their value becomes clear.


Given that each case is different it is difficult to give an accurate idea of costs. As a very rough guide, for intermediate levels of care need we'd expect a telecare package to cost between £11 and £27 per week. For higher levels of care need we'd start at around £33 per week.


If your objective is to live independently at home rather than going into residential care you will probably need to combine domiciliary care and telecare. Using telecare can significantly reduce some domiciliary care costs.


Some councils provide basic telecare alarm systems at subsidised rates for people who qualify. Our basic alarm service is competitively priced and uses modern well designed equipment. Our advanced, sophisticated telecare solutions go much further and do much more to support people and their carers.