Who is telecare for?

Old man with family



Telecare is used for all sorts of people in all sorts of circumstances. It is particularly useful for those in need of care and it can transform the lives of those providing care.


Care needs can be minor, for example someone feels vulnerable so they have a simple pendant alarm to summon help in an emergency. Or care needs can be significant so they use telecare to stay living at home rather than go into residential care.



These care needs could be due to age or medical conditions. For example people with memory problems and some people with learning difficulties can live much more independently with the help of telecare. People with limited mobility can be given remote control of doors, windows, curtains, lighting and many other domestic devices.


Daughter with her elderly father


The lives of carers can be transformed with telecare.


Many people of all ages provide care for family members for whom age and illness have created a dependency. Simple telecare devices can relieve much of the stress of continuous care and provide freedom and independence for carers.