What can telecare do?

Elderly father and daughter



Telecare can do so much that it is not practical to cover it all here. The easy way is to call us and talk about it.



In the meantime here are a few pointers:


Safety, vulnerability, memory loss, remote control, help for carers, alerts, warnings, alarms, fire, smoke, falls,carbon monoxide, medication management, flooding, telephone support, dementia, wandering, diabetes, isolation, temperature, learning difficulties, reminders, heating, risk reduction, carer attendance logging, access, security, cooking, remote entry systems, home automation, remote property management, Epilepsy, talking cookers, automatic lighting, adapted domestic devices, bogus caller alarm, automatic doors windows curtains, forgetfulness, reduced care costs, talking guides, reassurance, telephone checks, monitoring services, simpler care, lifts, computer training, health monitoring, specialist short term in-depth monitoring, post trauma evaluation, talking TV, stress, Alzheimer's, depression, reacting quickly, summoning help, text alerts, independence, check they're OK while you're away, care when you can't be there......