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Assessments identify appropriate telecare solutions. They bring the benefit of our experience to identify effective, price conscious solutions. They do not commit you in any way.


We offer free assessments - call us on 0845-519-6361 to arrange one now.



Assessments are important when care needs are complex or family carers are struggling. Early assessment is very important for people suffering from Dementia because they will find it easier to adapt before their condition becomes too developed.


Face to face assessments

Our assessor will come and meet the potential recipient of telecare in their own home. Family, friends and carers are very welcome and may be essential in some cases. Meeting in the home helps us to understand the environment as well as the needs of the person. We will look at the issues which need to be addressed and identify solutions. We can explain about telecare and talk through the benefits and the limitations. We can often help to allay fears people have such as use of technology and loss of privacy.


Telephone assessments

A telephone assessment can sometimes be enough when care needs are not too complex. The assessment will involve the potential recipient of care and can include family and carers, either individually or in a conference call. The downside of a telephone assessment is that we don't get to see the home environment and we are completely dependent on the information we're given being accurate. Some people do find it difficult to talk freely about the difficulties they face and the telephone can make it harder to get beyond these barriers.


Assistive computing assessments

Computers and the Internet (along with other digital technologies) have so much to offer people that we provide an assessment service to identify the devices, software and services which will help the person receiving care to successfully get online. This is aimed at people who have disabilities which make it difficult for them to use conventional computer equipment. This is a specialist area and not applicable to everyone so we keep it separate it from our telecare assessments above. We can also direct you to appropriate training services.


The cost of an assistive computing assessment is £240 and there may be a small additional charge if we have far to travel.


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