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Avon Telecare was formed by a small group of telecare and assistive technology professionals. We recognised that people are missing out on the benefits of telecare because there are very few organisations offering telecare services above a basic level. We see Avon Telecare as a way to make the advantages of telecare available to anyone.

Telecare can transform the lives of many people. At a basic level it is simple enough with the familiar white pendant alarms with the red button but it has much, much more to offer. As telecare has become more sophisticated it has also become more complex and more demanding on practitioners. It is in the public sector that telecare skills have been developed as social services have sought new ways to meet people's needs. With our background in public sector telecare delivery we understand both what it takes to assess, prescribe and provide telecare and what it takes to manage telecare services.

Avon Telecare Logo

We did look at whether we could develop Avon Telecare as a not-for-profit organisation but it became clear that we needed investment and management expertise to get things going and the only practical route was to set up as an ethically based limited company.


We are passionate about what we do and we want to do it really well. We are happy to share what we know and happy to listen if you have ideas about how we can improve.